Friday, April 3, 2009

Lightening the load

(Us at the shuttle landing)

Well, I'm here in my messy living room with the beautiful view. It's dark so I can't see it. John, Noah and I just watched a rocket launch about an hour ago. Kennedy Space Center is about 10 miles or so north, and we have a great view from the back of our house. Tonight we got out on the balcony and watched. We have been soo lucky to see a couple of rockets go up and the shuttle go up and back down. This was such a dream of mine. I never anticipated that I would get to see a whole bunch of hunks of metal get shot into space. I just hoped to see at least a shuttle. And John's first assignment is here. Lucky is an understatement.

Speaking of John, he's LEAVING on Sunday. He'll be at school for 6 weeks. We'll be here and then Louisiana for a while. And then back here. Hopefully we'll also have a clean house by the time John gets home. I want a clean house about as much as I wanted to see a shuttle launch. Anyway, John will be gone for longer than he was in officer training. This should be easier. But it'll probably still be tough on Noah. He doesn't get why he has to talk to daddy on the phone instead of in person. But there is so much fun stuff to do around here to keep us busy, besides cleaning the house. (which, btw, seems like 1 step forward, 2 back)

I think moving here is one of the best things I've ever been able to do in my life. Hopefully this never happens though. --
I am so content. It's beautiful and sunny. I am so stress free compared to 2 months ago. We've sold our house in Sugar Land. I don't have to worry about whether or not I'm a good teacher. Our bills and debt are minimal. In base housing, we don't even worry about utilities. I'm so fortunate. And I just feel kind of saturated in goodness. Not all is perfect though! My house is a wreck, for example. And I'm not hating on the people who live here, but ... well I'll leave it at that.

My goals right now:

A) Enjoy my time with Noah. I love staying home with him. Even if I wanted a job here, the school districts are in a really bad place, financially--laying people off and cutting school days. I am just having so much fun with Noah. We go to garage sales together. We get googly eyed at puppies at pet stores together. We poorly paint furniture while doing "restoration" and go grocery shopping. We watch the airplanes and sit in the hammock and read about dinosaurs. This is so much better than his first year, when I stayed home. Maybe it's my maturity or his or the environment. But I love it. And I'm grateful.

B) Get fit. Oh my, how I miss my college rowing days and my skinny self. But life happened. PCOS happened. Houston happened. No excuses. But here I am. I did get a rowing boat. (my dad is going to build the missing ingredient part that's missing, and I should be on the water soon) And I'm bringing Noah to a home daycare on base for a few hours each week so I can go to the wellness center, which has awesome classes and tvs on the treadmills. I also have discovered a "couch to 5k" ipod running program. We recently got an ipod, such an upgrade from the shuffle! So here's a toast to the new me. -clink-

C) Have a neat, welcoming home.

D) Get rowing! By the time Noah goes to preschool, I hope to NOT be a rusty rower anymore. And I'll be able to go out on the water regularly, since I'll be Noah-less regularly each morning. I went out once in my new old boat, and it was rough! I'm not good at it right now.

E) Have a baby again. Just one will do. I need to hurry up and start seeing an endocrinologist around here.

Well I guess that's a solid life update.