Friday, May 15, 2009

John is coming HOME today!!

It has been 6 long weeks since I had my husband at home. He was away at training, and I did get to go to Louisiana and spend a chunk of time there. It was really nice. And I'm not quite sure when we'll be heading back :(

The drive isn't bad when it's split into 6 hour days. I discovered that I really like Gainesville, Gator country. It's so hilly! It's like Florida mountains. It would be fun to live there and show off all our LSU paraphernalia. But that's a future daydream and not worth the effort right now!

So I came home to this house a few days ago. And I surely left it cleaner than this! I remember rushing to make sure the kitchen was bug target free. But maybe I left other things in disarray. Ah.. well. I've learned recently that I have historically felt a lot of pressure to be neat. And I felt like I was a bad person for not living up to that standard. But I'm ok! It doesn't have to be a condemnation of my character because I have trouble keeping my car clean or whatever.

I'm getting baby fever pretty bad. Just thought I'd say it. Pray for my ovaries.