Thursday, June 10, 2010

haha..joke's on me

I really didn't think I'd go past 40 weeks. But I am. It's not so bad really. I mean.. it's really kind of like a joke. First there was the breech scare. And then the "what if's" about going over and facing an induction. Now I'm there.  I sure hope I go into labor soon. I'm 41 weeks. I don't feel comfortable going further than 42. So I would get some "help" next week. Dang it. Either pitocin or just water breaking. Leaning toward water breaking. At least I could maintain my mobility with that one. I can't possibly have a slow labor on the brink of 42 weeks right? right?  That would be another funny joke. ah~!~!~ 
I mowed the grass today. Installed the baby seat too. I painted the baby's room 2 days ago. Needs retouching. and it wasn't ceiling to floor. Must take picture. I'm SO bad about putting pics in my blog.

ok that's it. When the sun goes down some more I'm going on another looong walk.