Monday, October 26, 2009

Ultrasound in a couple of hours~ (with update)

Nervous! excited~ and nervous again! eeeeeeee. I get my first ultrasound today. John is going with me. It'll be his first time in the building, which is practically an island and so cool. You can see the ocean and it's surrounded by inter-coastal waterway.

Gosh. I'm nervous. I know you aren't supposed to be pessimistic, but I'm just fully aware of problems that are possible. I'm really not a debbie downer. I just don't want to be blindly optimistic either. I didn't know this early with Noah b/c of my irregular periods. So this is all new to me.

So happy thoughts. rational happy ones.

Alright..well I gotta go shave my legs. This is a vaginal ultrasound. :/ woo. haha.

Will update later~!~!~!~

Update: Good news! heathy, kinda wiggly little mini baby with a heart rate of 174 bpm.
The ultrasound tech didn't have to do the internal u/s. We got a good look from the outside. And I got to hear the heartbeat! So it's only one. I guess that's a relief, but I would have been plenty pleased with twins :) We could get a bigger house on base if we have 3 kids ;-) But two will do! It was a really cool experience. John is excited, and I am relieved! It's definitely real now :) My "technical" due date is June 2, based on my last period. But the baby is measuring 2 days smaller b/c I ovulated 2 days "late"....but my due date with the doctor will remain June 2. Silly I think. It should be June 4. But you know babies never make a scheduled entrance. So whatever, It'll be a nice birthday present (june 3) regardless!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Today is my first appointment! But the not so exciting part is that I won't get an ultrasound yet. I have to schedule it today. Hopefully this week! And I think all this waiting is finally getting to me... I've been kind of melancholy for the last couple of days. Maybe it's my rebellion against laundry. But also I've been queasy a lot. Not quite nauseous, but enough to feel uneasy. I do get kind of depressed when I'm sick. So maybe it's just a touch of that. I'm so nervous too. I just want good news, ya know. Only time will tell. And I guess I'd better get used to all this waiting. But I'm thinking of getting a doppler heart listener when I'm farther along. I'd probably be obsessive I don't know if that's a great idea.

We went to Disney World last week! It was perfect. HOT. But perfect. I was really scared that it would be hella crowded. Because when we arrived and parked, I was in the same parking lot as my previous visit (when it was terribly crowded). We got in the park..finally. Gosh tickets, monorail.. bag line.. walk through turny thing with the fingerprinting! Big brother big brother... Anyway, we walked in, me stressing about the crowd. And we went right to Tomorrowland to Buzz Lightyear. And there was no line! I mean.. it was amazing. And except for Fantasy Land..which is where Peter Pan, It's a Small World, Winnie the Pooh, and Dumbo are it was pretty crowd free all day! I guess the park wasn't deserted or anything, but it was definitely comfortable. Which is magical all by itself! And my little Noah.. is not so little. He was tall enough for Splash Mountain!! And he loved it. We all rode it, I figured since it's not rough, I'd be safe. If I was actually showing I wouldn't have gone on it.

That was the first time that John and I have been to Disney together. And that was special for us :) I was so happy that John had a great time! The best part is, we still have 4 more times to go before Christmas! It will be a bit of a challenge to fit it in though. He's going away for a week in November. And then 2 weeks in December. I'm really excited about Epcot.

Oh~ I'm learning how to knit! I'm making a gender neutral LSU blanket.. I think.. haha. It seems like a lot of work. But it'll be worth it. I told John this is how I can prove my craftiness. And if I complete this, then I've earned the right to get a sewing machine.

Alright..well I think I might go get a pedicure to ease my anxiety about my appt today ;) It's not even the ultrasound! I guess just going to the office makes this a little more real.