Saturday, February 18, 2012

Ahhh.. HOME

That's what we have now. And 3 babies, well one is 6, but he sure does still count.

J got to come home a solid month early from the deployment, thanks to Pres O I guess. It was a troop scale down. And am I ever thankful for that extra month. We came back to Florida, got N in school, got B another transfusion. We are renting a beautiful home! pool... trees... space... Can't wait for it to warm up so we can swim. N got in a little today in the shallow part. I think it wasn't cold to him, which is crazy!

I guess we are settling back in as a family. It wasn't as hard, because John got that huge chunk of emergency leave for Beau's birth. I think it was hard for him to go back there after living in a "normal" place for a while. you know.. where you don't have to worry about suicide bombers blowing up your convoy.

You know what kind of irritates me and I find it to be a little unpatriotic of me. People say things like this about the military: thanks for keeping us free. fighting of there so we can be safe here. etc. Stuff like that, about the troops in Afghanistan and Iraq doing all of this hard work for us over here. And I guess it's true to a point. But really they are NOT fighting for us anymore. I think it was about us in the beginning. And now it's about a country surviving the Taliban (afghanistan that is). So when you see a list of people who died this year over there, I feel like it's dishonest to say that it was FOR ME in any way. It was for a weak country that hopefully won't fall apart when we go. And I hope that's soon. And yes I'm a republican. and i have a crush on Jon Stewart. But I can't STAND the thought of my husband or someone I know getting hurt or dying for a group of people who just don't have it together for whatever reason. And I hate that I feel that way. Because that means I feel that way about the people who have died. And yes they are admirable and brave and serving our country. And I guess saying it was in vain would be a step too far. That's a thing that hurts to say. Or does it just hurt if it's true. I don't know.  And another thing. A naive thing. I don't get war. How can you look at someone in the eyes and want to kill them because of a religious belief or social belief.  I would defend myself and those I love, but I don't understand how it comes to that point. How for centuries people choose to take a life rather than solve a problem. Just-don't-get-it.

Oh man pinterest is cool right? Guess what followers, I don't like routine infant circumcision. I guess I never did like it, but we just followed the crowd with Noah and had it done. I could really go on and on. But if you really WANT to know about it, you have to research it yourself. And the obvious conclusion is that it is a painful and unnecessary cosmetic surgery on a helpless infant. And there are no significant benefits. Oh yeah, and it's equitable to female genital mutilation. Not kidding. It's all the nerve endings and its sexual function. AND it protects the penis. There is so much I didn't know. For that I'm sorry. And we were on the fence about getting Beau done up until about a week and a half before his birth. Now you can go ahead and call me an intactivist ;)

ok.  That was enough mommy time. children need my attention.

musings to be continued...

p.s. I got tired of using initials for names.. seems harder than just spelling it out ;)