Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Are there any eggs in this chicken?

So.. I'm just sitting around.. waiting to see if I ovulate. I'm not on clomid yet. That's next month. However, I did take some soy isoflavones for 5 days in the beginning of this cycle, which was a provera-induced cycle. I'm on cd 11. We shall see! I was crazy emotional yesterday. Don't know if that's a good sign. What's does it feel like to be reproductively normal? I don't know. I'm looking into every anomaly. Good thing there are places on the internet like babycenter.
So ~I'll be happy to have a baby any time. But.. if I had an April baby, it would complete a sequence of months that involve b-days/anniversaries.

March-John's bday
June-my bday
July-Noah's b-day.

So pray for my ovaries, you see how cool that would be. Maybe especially my left one? It could just be gas.. but I have an anomalaic feeling down there! (pretty sure that's not a real word)

In other news Mom and Dad are coming in town tomorrow! I'm growing more and more excited. I had just been stressed out about getting the house in a "parent approved" state. But ehh.. it'll get done at the last minute. Like always. And it'll be fine. I bought half of the grocery store yesterday. I'm really a fly by the seat of my pants meal planner. Run to the grocery store at 4:30. But 5 stomachs require more planning.

We are going to have a bowling birthday party for Noah. He loves it. I'm awesome. Way better than John. I orded an Ice Age cake. Me and Noah went and saw that movie last week. And gosh darn it I almost cried with the Mammoth had a baby. I got all misty eyed.

ok.. I must..go..clean..my.. house..now..

Thursday, July 9, 2009

wet towels = no shower!

So I'm just waiting to take a shower. I'm gross. Go, dryer, go. After that, I'll peel Noah away from Dora and Diego long enough to sucker him into the car. Then off to the commissary we go. (grocery store on base) And I really wanted to be gone long before now, because it's supposed to rain again today. A lot I think. It really has been beautifully stormy in the afternoons. I get such a great view from my patio! But someone got struck by lightening down the beach from us. and died. Really sad. Someone on a vacation with his family. How sad is that?? Man.. The lightening is pretty fierce. Dangerous.
Which reminds me of a couple of great photos I got of it the other night.
There was a distant storm. I set the shutter at 30 seconds. I am amazed at the power of a tripod! Unbelievable.

Hopefully I'll be having a baby next year! I'm starting clomid next month. Crazy. Crazy. I'd be ok with twins. There is just a slightly higher chance of those. But it may not work at all..... ahhh.. so we will just see. I've lost a few pounds with metformin and a lower GI diet. (glycemic index) This week I'm kind of struggling. I'm craving sweets. I know why though--we went out of town and I stopped the metformin for a couple of days. It can cause a little tummy trouble. And well, that would be a big hassle out of town. So now I'm paying the price. It's not as strong in my system and not combating the insulin thing. I was doing really well. And I'd also started an interval running program. I'm getting back to that. It feels really good to sort of take charge of my body again. Especially since I now know that I CAN take it back. It's something I felt very helpless about before. And self-loathing about. But it wasn't *just* my conscious decisions. It was bad wiring.

So... ok. I think it's ok to throw out some baby names now! Since I'm being optimistic :)
These all happen to be for girls. Though I don't know WHAT I'd do with a dramatic emotional little person. :)

Hopefully I don't need all those names ;) But Kate (with 8 and no Jon) has PCOS too! I think she used injectibles though.

Ok. ready or not. I'm taking a shower. damp towel is better than no towel.