Friday, October 15, 2010

What an IDIOT!! Me. I'm the dummy.

So, well first, I'm so so excited about my new photography venture. I guess it's been a long time coming. Maybe since my mom took all those yearbook pictures back in elementary school. But it was always on my life To Do list. And I'm finally doing it!  But here's where the dodo brain comes in. I have been so busy taking and editing pictures, and mothering and sort of laundering and wifetizing...and all that.. that my free time has been reduced to after 9pm. What do I do in my free time? Well lately I've been trying to get a website together and editing pictures. Let me tell you what a bad idea is. Being sleep deprived and buying a domain name after 12am. Seriously. What was I thinking. So instead of, it's missing a P at the end of photography!!!!   yes. Go to and you will see my simple welcome message telling you I don't know squat about putting a website together. But I will. So I'm trying to exchange my domain. The funny thing is I've been running around for a week so excited to own my domain! And I just hadn't had a chance to go set up anything until last night.

Anywho. So the picture taking gig is FUN. I love it. I forgot how much I really loved photography. In college I wrote and took photos for the newspaper and yearbook at my small college. Took a b&w class, where we developed our own film and prints. Fun. And I did two internships. One photo documenting an 18th century cemetery for the National Center for Preservation Technology and Training. (fancy I know!) And the other an unpaid internship at the Shreveport Times. I probably learned the most at the paper. After we moved to Houston and I started teaching, I got a job at a tiny charter high school. There I taught English, yearbook, journalism and photography. Yes it was crazy. No, I don't feel like I did a great enough job. But hopefully it was ok.

So fast forward to now. I have my first fancy camera. Nikon D60. And I have some pretty darn inspirational friends in various parts of the country who have taken their photography and made something out of it. If they can do it, so can I.  And I'm just doing free shoots at the moment to build my portfolio and refresh my skills. I need to start charging though, so I can buy a computer without line down the middle of the screen and a missing P button. Maybe that's also why I probably didn't catch my mistake. It's actually pretty hilarious. And a service person from CALLED me to talk about web hosting stuff. And he never asked me if I meant to write it like that.. jerk. :)  but it's my fault. fairy godmother. I want a big iMac, a telephoto lens, a light meter, a sweet camera bag backpack, a babysitter, clients, photoshop (currently using cousin paintshop pro), and a 4th bedroom for sewing and editing and possibly a home studio space. ok.. can we do that for Christmas?

So.. my biggest issue right now is that when I lighten up a dark photo from a low light situation, the image gets all chunky pixeled. At least I THINK that's my issue. Maybe the one above. Def the one below. ok.. i don't know why that's vertical. Oh website how thou taunts me.