Thursday, April 8, 2010

32 weeks!

8 weeks to go! I can't believe it's really getting close. I'm starting my birth classes tonight, and that should be really fun. We have to bring 2 pillows for practicing stuff. Fun :) :) I didn't do anything like this with Noah. I had to get a babysitter for Noah :/ The most uncool thing about that is I don't feel like we have a babysitter. I mean, we don't. A girl who works at Noah's school as a floater is coming to watch him.... for like $9/hour. Ow~ I need a high schooler. Looking into that for next week. The class is $50 but we get the military rate, which is half off. So the sitter will cost more than the class! arg.

Noah's kindergarten orientation is next week!! I'm really not sad about it, about him getting bigger and growing up. I think he'll do fine. I will be following the bus a little bit though :) And driving him a couple times too. Isn't that what you're supposed to do in the beginning?

I have so much stuff for our baby girl! Can't believe it. A ton of clothes thanks to friends and family. Lots of gear I've found at consignment and garage sales and craigslist. I think everything is all set! I do need to get some artsy fartsy inspiration and paint the room. But not full wall, just the middle chunk. Should be fun and muralish.

I got a sewing machine!! And here's what I want to make: a few cloth diapers, cloth wipes, diaper soakers, a mai tei/mei tai wrap, a ring sling, a diaper bad, clothes, nursing covers, etc. I started out sewing a lot when it came in. But then I got sick and then John's dad came in town for a visit. So it's about time to dive in again and get a game plan for my projects. I really want to make a few things as gifts for other moms I'm friends with. Send me some sewing mojo! I ended up getting the Brother csi6000. Something like that. I think that's one too many letters.

Baby girl is baby Kassidy. I do really like this name, but I might always call her Magnolia :) My nickname. I do what I WAWNT ;) (Isn't that from a movie?) No leads on a middle name. But John has some specific criteria. I think it's pretty funny that he's SO picky about a name! I mean, he's been really ...uninterested.. in a lot of other things. Not in a bad way, just like.. he doesn't have much say in the stuff I'm getting for her, like diapers and pacifiers and clothes. He's very proud of my thriftiness, but he just hasn't had too much input---until the NAME. But it's fine with me. Oh yes, his criteria.... the initials have to be something that could stand alone. But we did this for Noah (ND: Noah Daniel, Indy) But we never ever have called him by his initials. So for Kassidy, it can be: KC, KD, KT (the latter 2 sound like Kady/Katy) ..oh that's it, haha. Not too many choices! We'll figure it out.

My house is clean My house is clean My house is clean!!!! I didn't know this was even possible. I mean... this is the best it's ever been. I think John and I almost needed counseling on the day we got it all done, ahh!!! This was the day John's dad was driving the last leg of his journey from Louisiana. Stressful. We have very different cleaning styles. And we were internally blaming each other for the ridiculous messes. I could see it in his eyes. But it's truly both our faults. I think we just don't notice our own messes as much. So I'm going to start leaving all his messes on his side of the bed, instead of picking them up ;)
I'm hoping that we keep it looking good! I want to feel comfortable inviting people over.. and not sick to my stomach about what needs to be done. We still have things here and there. A few boxes of random stuff. But the "bones" of a clean and tidy house are in place. It'll just take maintaining. Prayers and clean house mojo welcome.

My pregnancy is going well. I'm gaining about 2 lbs every two weeks. I'm not craving stuff really. Nothing is swelling up yet. My one concern is that I think she is head up right now. And I WAS getting kicked up high. Now I feel like my cervix is going to get knocked out of my body when she starts doing her thing. I know there is still plenty of time. But I don't want to worry about it and how this might affect my goal of laboring naturally. Noah was breech at 36 weeks but had flipped by the time I was induced. So I KNOW it's too early to be concerned. It's still on my mind though.