Friday, October 15, 2010

What an IDIOT!! Me. I'm the dummy.

So, well first, I'm so so excited about my new photography venture. I guess it's been a long time coming. Maybe since my mom took all those yearbook pictures back in elementary school. But it was always on my life To Do list. And I'm finally doing it!  But here's where the dodo brain comes in. I have been so busy taking and editing pictures, and mothering and sort of laundering and wifetizing...and all that.. that my free time has been reduced to after 9pm. What do I do in my free time? Well lately I've been trying to get a website together and editing pictures. Let me tell you what a bad idea is. Being sleep deprived and buying a domain name after 12am. Seriously. What was I thinking. So instead of, it's missing a P at the end of photography!!!!   yes. Go to and you will see my simple welcome message telling you I don't know squat about putting a website together. But I will. So I'm trying to exchange my domain. The funny thing is I've been running around for a week so excited to own my domain! And I just hadn't had a chance to go set up anything until last night.

Anywho. So the picture taking gig is FUN. I love it. I forgot how much I really loved photography. In college I wrote and took photos for the newspaper and yearbook at my small college. Took a b&w class, where we developed our own film and prints. Fun. And I did two internships. One photo documenting an 18th century cemetery for the National Center for Preservation Technology and Training. (fancy I know!) And the other an unpaid internship at the Shreveport Times. I probably learned the most at the paper. After we moved to Houston and I started teaching, I got a job at a tiny charter high school. There I taught English, yearbook, journalism and photography. Yes it was crazy. No, I don't feel like I did a great enough job. But hopefully it was ok.

So fast forward to now. I have my first fancy camera. Nikon D60. And I have some pretty darn inspirational friends in various parts of the country who have taken their photography and made something out of it. If they can do it, so can I.  And I'm just doing free shoots at the moment to build my portfolio and refresh my skills. I need to start charging though, so I can buy a computer without line down the middle of the screen and a missing P button. Maybe that's also why I probably didn't catch my mistake. It's actually pretty hilarious. And a service person from CALLED me to talk about web hosting stuff. And he never asked me if I meant to write it like that.. jerk. :)  but it's my fault. fairy godmother. I want a big iMac, a telephoto lens, a light meter, a sweet camera bag backpack, a babysitter, clients, photoshop (currently using cousin paintshop pro), and a 4th bedroom for sewing and editing and possibly a home studio space. ok.. can we do that for Christmas?

So.. my biggest issue right now is that when I lighten up a dark photo from a low light situation, the image gets all chunky pixeled. At least I THINK that's my issue. Maybe the one above. Def the one below. ok.. i don't know why that's vertical. Oh website how thou taunts me.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Birth Story. Finally :) talk of gooey personal stuff, fyi

Minutes after birth
Well it's been 2 whole months since our baby girl was born.
Today in the bumbo
The first couple of weeks were terribly difficult. Just one of the hardest things to go through. She was whisked away from the hospital where I delivered her just a few hours before she turned a day old. She had ABO incompatibility and likely has hereditary spherocytosis. I don't think Wikipedia is the creme de la creme, but that's quick info if you are so inclined to look it up :)

~She was born at 41 weeks and 6 days, weighing 7 lbs and 9 oz. I hope that giving her those extra couple of weeks to cook helped her liver develop more, thereby helping her process the copious amounts of bilirubin caused by the ABO incompatibility and spherocytes. Immature livers are one reason newborns so often struggle with jaundice~

Here's my birth story, and I'm stickin' to it.

My due date came and went.

40 weeks I think
And my anxiety about being pushed toward an induction increased. On my due date, I was asked to go to a Non Stress Test and fluid check ultrasound. The results were fine, but my experience was NOT. Everyone at the hospital expected me to stay and be induced! Acted like I wouldn't even have a choice... IF things with the baby looked ok. IF if was ok with my docter. Debbie Downers, all. I didn't enjoy it. Thankfully John had gone with me to the appointment. We kept each other sane and our tempers in check. I don't have one, but that day, the medical community was making me mad. 

41 weeks
Another week passed. At my 41 week check up I asked the doctor to do a membrane strip/sweep. It really wasn't too bad. I was 2 cm and effaced a little. We told her our concerns about the hospital testing experience the week before. I went again for another round of tests. Everything still looked good. I wasn't contracting really. And the staff said NOTHING about the "I" word, as they were instructed by my doctor :)  A cool nurse told us that. This was a Wednesday. We asked to come back in on Monday to check progress, if I hadn't already had the baby, instead of waiting til 42 weeks on the dot. I would have wanted another membrane sweep at the next check up.  We went home and on with our lives. I started losing my mucus plug after the membrane sweep. YAY! I really thought it could start happening any time!  But it didn't! haha.. I mean.. I was having some random contractions, but nothing regular. And I was still losing my mucus plug. What a gross term. It should be something like.... jellygoo cork of life.

On Sunday I started having some pretty regular contractions! They weren't bad. They weren't close. But they were consistent. About 20 minutes apart. That night I went for a super long walk. It was finally time to have the baby, and  I knew for sure around 5 am when I woke up yet again from a contraction. I started having bloody show! I was so excited. Because we were planning on going for our check up but also because we had decided/resigned ourselves to getting things started artificially, by breaking my water. (It was hard to come to that decision--water breakage vs. pitocin. But I knew I wanted to maintain my mobility at all costs) I was 41 weeks and 5 days.  I went in that morning to get checked, and I was 4 cm and 90% effaced.  What a relief! My contractions were 10 minutes apart and painful. I was in early labor..almost active. early active labor I guess.  So the doc said just go take a walk and mosey to L&D when I wanted.  We went and grabbed a big breakfast from the cafeteria and walked out behind the hospital to a riverside dock with picnic tables. It was about 9 a.m. 

I was having to stop and breath during these contractions, but they were ok. We called our doula Laura, who was working at a restaurant. I am so so SO glad we got a doula, that we got Laura. Having her there to root for me and comfort me and help my self confidence was so wonderful.

When we checked in, we found out we got the deluxe birth suite, the only one with a bathtub. a big one at that. yessss. In thinking back on things, I wondered if I should have gone home until the contractions got really really tough. But had we done that, this wonderful room might not have been available. And I'm very grateful we had it. 

no sweat ;-)
Got settled in and our awesome doula later posted my short and sweet birth plan on the door.  Got a saline lock only. The nurse was happy about that b/c had I needed it later in labor, it would have been really hard to get one in. I didn't loathe the saline lock, but I wouldn't do it again just to make it easier on the staff. It was pretty uncomfortable. The contractions were coming about every 5 minutes by 10 or 11 am. And it was really pretty easy to labor through them. And I did. and walked the halls..and sat on the birth ball (which i ended up HATING)...and walked and swayed and labored..never got in bed except to be intermittently monitored..  And got checked around noon to find I was still just 5 cm. BOO. But I never had any pressure from the staff or my doc to augment labor in any way. Awesome. So I kept at it. I was monitored every hour for about 20 minutes. The baby was doing great. I snacked when I wanted and drank when and what I felt like.
Laura talking me through it
Hours passed and things started getting really tough around 7 cm, which was about 5 p.m. I got in the tub around then. Bliss.. 
What a wonderful presence for me

..well as blissful as contractions can be :) They actually slowed down in the tub.
I figured labor would get really fast at that point, around 7 cm, because it's supposed to go quickly through transition. But it did NOT. It was 5 pm and then 8pm and then 10pm and I was progressing SO slowly. I remember in the tub, the 2nd time, I was still wanting to joke around a little between contractions, but I wouldn't let myself. I wanted John and Laura to think I was really in transition!  If you think it, it will be...?  :) 
 It was after 10 p.m. and I was 8 cm  when I asked them to break my water.  I was so desperate to get things DONE with.  And there was a little meconium. Now add that to my worries. I was in so much pain by this point. I was sort of disappointed in my labor. It wasn't textbook like I thought it should be. I wasn't having the poised disposition that I had mentally tried to shape myself for. I was very vocal and sad at times. The funniest thing to me in retrospect is that I was really grrrring and low moaning a lot. Like singing. I had a couple moments where I thought it sounded pretty---wayy way in the back of my mind. Oh yeah and the horse lips sound! I heard it helped, haha and maybe it did. But that is a pretty funny hodgepodge of noises going on. Wish I'd videoed some of it.
I wanted it to be OVER, but it was so slow. It gets really hazy here. At some point after peeing or something, I ended up with no hospital gown on.. just my comfy nursing bra. I seriously lost almost all inhibitions, which I didn't think I'd do.  I labored on all fours and standing and everything but on my back. They really followed my birth plan to a T. Including keeping cervical checks to a minimum. I actually had to ask them to check.  I finally got to 9ish cm and had a puffy portion of cervix. The nurse had me lay on the bed and manually worked on it for a while. painful! but really at that point *everything* was pain. (But pain with a purpose, ra ra ra.--that's me being a cheerleader) Finally she fixed it! Yay the body mechanic. And I could push when I felt like it. Completely dilated at 1:50 a.m.
I was confused about the pushy feeling. It just felt awful, and I wasn't sure if that meant push. So I tried to push some. And the more I did, the more I HAD to. And that's when I got really grrrowly! It was such a powerful urge and it was like I couldn't stop to take a breath.. And no one coached me on pushing, except they did suggest that I lay flat on my side, which was weird to me. But I totally didn't care. So that's what I did and pushed with all my might, which my body was kind of forcing me to do.. And it was such a mental relief to be DOING something instead of just WAITING for something. I pushed for about 15 minutes. I suddenly felt like I was about to push 4 hemorrhoids out of my butt! Seriously, I envisioned 4. And something kind of "gave" and I said "Oh God what is that, hemorrhoids??" and the nurse freaked out and yelled to get the doctor. It was the baby's head and she was crowning! My doula put the mirror up so I could see. The nurse told me not to push I think, but I was like..oh no ma'am. I think I might have laughed at that. And I pushed and my doctor, who was just out in the hall, came right in and got the baby's head and I pushed again and out she came! 2:06 a.m. I got to see it too! How amazing.
fresh out the oven!
Because of the meconium, the respiratory crew was there. John cut the cord, what a champ. He was iffy about that prior to labor. I hardly noticed the placenta. I felt like a million dollars after she was born.
This is me being a million bucks :)

However, one of the first things I said was that I would NEVER do that again!  We would adopt instead.
In retrospect, I feel like my brain was driving my natural birth and not my heart. But I did it. I think it might have been beneficial to my progress if I had gotten an epidural around 7 or 8 cm. (But at the time I figured it would be over soon a not worth the trouble/time for a bag of fluids.) Maybe I was really too tense for my own good. Well, scratch that, I WAS. But i think the labor was all worth it to know how to push. And to be able to immediately stand up while they changed my bloody bedding. I made quite a mess. I had NO swelling and no tearing. What a blessing b/c  I walked and walked that week when Kassidy was in the hospital. And wouldn't have survived if I had to deal with tears or hemorrhoids (which were just a figment of my imagination) or stitches or even swelling. I did feel like I'd been hit by a mac truck or run a marathon. But I walked it off through the week. It was a good reminder of the awesome dramatic event I had just gone through, survived, conquered.
Looking at John, being amazed
I don't regret my natural birth experience at all, but I was kinda CRAZY for doing it :) :)  Immediately after, I felt like people were insane to even have babies. I felt like I wouldn't want to be a doula. I thought I'd never want to birth more kids. I mean, I seriously felt that way. John said it was so hard to watch me go through that and not be able to help. And help from him is what I wanted! I remember looking at him from the tub, giving him the biggest puppy dog eyes he'll probably ever see from me. I almost believed that he had some magic button that would make it all stop. I got to a point where I knew it was completely out of my control, with tears streaming down my face. It was a hard emotional realization that the physical process had to be finished, on its own schedule. I was at the mercy of my own body. It was so incredibly intense. And also so very empowering.

As the days and weeks passed, the rawness of childbirth faded in my mind. It is truly amazing to experience it naturally. And powerful and overwhelming at the end. But I would do it again. And I do encourage others to do it. I think Kassidy's birth was unusually long from 7 cm to the end, which was super rough.  But I felt like I was doing her and me a favor by going without drugs. It was important to me to give her an optimal start.  I think I did.
I finally see you!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

haha..joke's on me

I really didn't think I'd go past 40 weeks. But I am. It's not so bad really. I mean.. it's really kind of like a joke. First there was the breech scare. And then the "what if's" about going over and facing an induction. Now I'm there.  I sure hope I go into labor soon. I'm 41 weeks. I don't feel comfortable going further than 42. So I would get some "help" next week. Dang it. Either pitocin or just water breaking. Leaning toward water breaking. At least I could maintain my mobility with that one. I can't possibly have a slow labor on the brink of 42 weeks right? right?  That would be another funny joke. ah~!~!~ 
I mowed the grass today. Installed the baby seat too. I painted the baby's room 2 days ago. Needs retouching. and it wasn't ceiling to floor. Must take picture. I'm SO bad about putting pics in my blog.

ok that's it. When the sun goes down some more I'm going on another looong walk.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Oh my nest.

Oh my nest please be soft and free of pet hair and dust.

I really don't have much time left now. A couple of weeks max probably less. I keep asking the moon for favors.

I am actually having contractions here and there. Not sure if they are real and mild or uncomfortable braxton hicks. Either way, hope things are warming up down there.

Since I'm hoping to have a natural birth, I'm reading up on natural birth stories. John and I took a fabulous five week birth class and even got a doula! She's only in training, not certified yet. But that means she's free instead of $400! If I can pull this off, I'm seriously going to consider becoming a doula. Oh of course I'm trying to think of something really nice to buy her or give her or something. She's 2 years younger than us and hoping to go to midwifery school in the fall.

It's hard to believe that it could be any day now. I'm hoping to not go past my due date. And hoping if I do, I don't start getting induction anxiety.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

32 weeks!

8 weeks to go! I can't believe it's really getting close. I'm starting my birth classes tonight, and that should be really fun. We have to bring 2 pillows for practicing stuff. Fun :) :) I didn't do anything like this with Noah. I had to get a babysitter for Noah :/ The most uncool thing about that is I don't feel like we have a babysitter. I mean, we don't. A girl who works at Noah's school as a floater is coming to watch him.... for like $9/hour. Ow~ I need a high schooler. Looking into that for next week. The class is $50 but we get the military rate, which is half off. So the sitter will cost more than the class! arg.

Noah's kindergarten orientation is next week!! I'm really not sad about it, about him getting bigger and growing up. I think he'll do fine. I will be following the bus a little bit though :) And driving him a couple times too. Isn't that what you're supposed to do in the beginning?

I have so much stuff for our baby girl! Can't believe it. A ton of clothes thanks to friends and family. Lots of gear I've found at consignment and garage sales and craigslist. I think everything is all set! I do need to get some artsy fartsy inspiration and paint the room. But not full wall, just the middle chunk. Should be fun and muralish.

I got a sewing machine!! And here's what I want to make: a few cloth diapers, cloth wipes, diaper soakers, a mai tei/mei tai wrap, a ring sling, a diaper bad, clothes, nursing covers, etc. I started out sewing a lot when it came in. But then I got sick and then John's dad came in town for a visit. So it's about time to dive in again and get a game plan for my projects. I really want to make a few things as gifts for other moms I'm friends with. Send me some sewing mojo! I ended up getting the Brother csi6000. Something like that. I think that's one too many letters.

Baby girl is baby Kassidy. I do really like this name, but I might always call her Magnolia :) My nickname. I do what I WAWNT ;) (Isn't that from a movie?) No leads on a middle name. But John has some specific criteria. I think it's pretty funny that he's SO picky about a name! I mean, he's been really ...uninterested.. in a lot of other things. Not in a bad way, just like.. he doesn't have much say in the stuff I'm getting for her, like diapers and pacifiers and clothes. He's very proud of my thriftiness, but he just hasn't had too much input---until the NAME. But it's fine with me. Oh yes, his criteria.... the initials have to be something that could stand alone. But we did this for Noah (ND: Noah Daniel, Indy) But we never ever have called him by his initials. So for Kassidy, it can be: KC, KD, KT (the latter 2 sound like Kady/Katy) ..oh that's it, haha. Not too many choices! We'll figure it out.

My house is clean My house is clean My house is clean!!!! I didn't know this was even possible. I mean... this is the best it's ever been. I think John and I almost needed counseling on the day we got it all done, ahh!!! This was the day John's dad was driving the last leg of his journey from Louisiana. Stressful. We have very different cleaning styles. And we were internally blaming each other for the ridiculous messes. I could see it in his eyes. But it's truly both our faults. I think we just don't notice our own messes as much. So I'm going to start leaving all his messes on his side of the bed, instead of picking them up ;)
I'm hoping that we keep it looking good! I want to feel comfortable inviting people over.. and not sick to my stomach about what needs to be done. We still have things here and there. A few boxes of random stuff. But the "bones" of a clean and tidy house are in place. It'll just take maintaining. Prayers and clean house mojo welcome.

My pregnancy is going well. I'm gaining about 2 lbs every two weeks. I'm not craving stuff really. Nothing is swelling up yet. My one concern is that I think she is head up right now. And I WAS getting kicked up high. Now I feel like my cervix is going to get knocked out of my body when she starts doing her thing. I know there is still plenty of time. But I don't want to worry about it and how this might affect my goal of laboring naturally. Noah was breech at 36 weeks but had flipped by the time I was induced. So I KNOW it's too early to be concerned. It's still on my mind though.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

So I did get sick. And Noah and I are butting heads.

I think this awful cold is finally going away. But grrrr. I hate it. Go away faster!

Noah is 14. No. Not really. But he acts like it. Or maybe he's really acting 4, and I'm 14. Can't tell! But it's not fun. He's acting not independent about things like putting his shoes and socks on. I know he can do it! But some socks are harder I cut him some slack. But he's so stubborn. (guess what, so am i) He literally sat and cried/whined for 30 minutes on the patio. He wanted to walk in the grass, but I was weeding and worried about snakes. So flip flops wouldn't be ok. He had to put his tennis shoes on. So he sits on a chair, puts one sock on upside down and completely gives up. 30 minutes. Then he talks back too. Man. maybe I'm just bothered by that stuff more right now, being sick and pregnant. He's a good kid. But I have those moments when I doubt my parenting because of his attitude and behavior. Then he can be so sweet too!

I sewed a cloth diaper. I haven't tested it with water yet. nervous. :) I want to sew things!! I need a big cool machine. I mean.. less that $150.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Cloth Diapers!~!~!~!~

Oh goodness. I sure hope I like them. I've been ordering a couple here and there from ebay, on sale at cd online stores,, amazon, etc. I also want to look into making them. Must-walk-to-sewing-machine-and-take-out-of-box. That's my little garage sale find. cheap little machine. The main reason I want to cloth diaper is saving money. Although saving the earth is nice too. And man.. it's a lot of saved landfill space. I just look back at HOW MUCH MONEY and HOW MANY DIAPERS Noah has gone through. Even still.. we do pull ups at night. So it's still going! ah! It takes a big commitment. But I'm staying home.. so I just have to roll up my sleeves and do it. And they are soo cute. so so cute.

This baby girl in my belly is still not named! Cassidy.. Camelia.. something. we'll figure it out. We went camping this past weekend, and I really thought we'd have some baby name talking time. But.. John got SICK. It was literally freezing outside. The camper turned out to be tiny. too tiny. I actually cried the first night. But that's because we couldn't figure out the heater. The campground had no hookups. Yes.. very basic. Just a parking place and fire pit..haha.. so.. The first night we all cuddled together for warmth. And John was coughing all over us. So.. I'm officially getting an itchy throat. I think Noah is too... :( Oh well. John didn't have a fever so hopefully it will just run its course and be gone. He also got a heck of a sty(sp?) in his eye. Sort of a messy weekend! Anyway.. Not much baby name book reading.

I think I have everything I need for the baby. Except a changing table. We had one with Noah but in the years since it got pretty roughed up..and is no longer with us. So I'm hoping to snag one at an upcoming consignment sale. A small one. Since we have just a small space available for it to reside in. I've been having a few braxton hicks contractions. And this is about the time I started having them with Noah. Ah!!!! I'm 25 weeks today!!! wow.. I'm having a baby. crazy.

oh poo i hate getting sick. I've been terribly lucky though. This is the first time my whole pregnancy.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Well it didn't feel like a near-death experience...until a day later.

And you know, maybe it wasn't, because the tornado was the weakest kind. But had it been a little stronger and my windows a little weaker...

From the beginning. (Where else can I shamlessly detail my harrowing experience?)
Friday, Januay 22, 2010.

John left really really early that morning. He had an awards breakfast to go to for the base. And his team won something! And they beat out the guys that launch rockets. The details of the victory were sort of lost in translation though. The next time I saw him, we were very preoccupied. So he was out the door by 7 am. I had to let our dog out for a bathroom break, and I noticed for the first time that it was raining. And that actually surprised me because it was so light I couldn't hear it from inside. All our blinds were shut unusually tight, or I would have seen the dousing. And the plants sure needed the water. I made sure Noah was snug in his bed. He's been waking really early lately.. and messing up any chances of me sleeping late! He actually wanted a snack and I happily obliged. Anything to keep him sleeping more soundly once the snack was over. And snug as a bug I was, by 7.

That rainy sleep is really the best. Cuddling with your dog and a body pillow isn't bad either. But at some point I awoke to the wind and rain beating against our sliding doors. We sleep on the second floor, facing the Banana River, and our room opens up to a balcony overlooking the water. The rain hitting the doors isn't really anything new. Every single time there is a strong storm, isolated or part of a front moving through, the wind can get pretty intense. So I just thought..well, that's a strong one.. and tried to squeeze my pillow, thanks for that Santa, tighter. But some little alarm bells started going off in my head when the strong wind got louder, the water hitting the doors harder. I could also hear our chairs on the balcony scooting around in the wind, not too unusual for bad weather. The vertical blinds were shut tight. They are closed about half the time or less. I do enjoy waking up to the water view. So I couldn't see out that morning. As the rumbling wind grew increasingly louder I jumped out of bed and peaked out the blinds, just as I was starting to realize the rumbling was more than wind, not quite as dynamic as thunder and getting quite loud. And the windows were now shuddering roughly. My view was not exactly a view. The only thing I could see was white water flying sideways in the air, and I could see absolutely nothing past the rail of the balcony.

Insert thoughts of Holy Crap; It couldn't be that; I have to get Noah; Laundry room; TV; Laptop; Phone; My neighbors!

Noah was awake when I burst into his room and scooped him out of bed. He seemed kind of confused about all the noise outside. I ran downstairs with him in my arms and plopped him down in the laundry room floor, which is under the stairs. I think that was the peak of it, when we were going down the stairs. There was certainly a roaring train sound, and all the windows were almost violently shaking. It's probably good the blinds were closed or I might have had some wet carpet to clean. I had a distinct feeling that we should already be there and a kind of fear that the huge living room windows would break. After making sure Noah knew not to move, I went to the couch to get my laptop and ~surprise~ my cell phone was right there! I tried to turn on the tv and get it to right channel. Darn you 4 digit fancy tv! My fingers, though they tried their hardest just could not push the right numbers. Lifetime, NO. TBS, Come ON. I gave up on the local weather channel and tried to press two simple numbers for the Weather Channel. And still no luck. Of course, I didn't need a pretty guy in a suit to tell me what had just rolled by my house. By that time the rumbling had died down. I mean.. the whole thing was maybe 1 minute long.

I tried calling John 2 times and my next door neighbor too. I think she was trying to call me simultaneously! John ended up texting me back. He was in the middle of that official breakfast thing. My text to him was legible I think. Something like tornado, no broken windows, we're fine, everything on the patio gone. Typos and double letters included. Stupid freaked out fingers. How did he not know something HUGE had just happened? He was only a mile or two away!

I figured that we were on the edge of a big tornado. After finally getting the weather on the tv, I saw that one has just exited Cocoa Beach, the town adjacent to the base to the north, and the tornado was over the ocean. I thought, if it's this bad here, what's it like there? Oh my! As it turns out, it was a small one. And we took a nearly direct hit.

The contents of our patio flew across our end of the base. Some of it went all the way across the highway and to the beach. John came home. The neighbors and us cleaned up everyone's patio chairs and toys and things like that. Housing came out and did work on my roof later. But no one seemed to think it was that big of a deal..all nonchalant about it. Everyone except my next door neighbor Chris. I'm sure she and I have both had our random emotional moments in the last two days.

There was big news where the tornado started on the mainland. But not as much about where it ended, and barely a word mentioned about the base. Maybe partly because anything that happens on base comes out through Public Affairs and not regular media outlets.

So after some investigative journalism of my own, thank you college degree, I found the radar image of the tornado and the path. Oh thank you NOAA also. Weather gods you are.

And here is my theory. I think the tornado was still weak when it got here, but when it made it's last jog across the Banana River it picked up a ton of water, like a water spout. But a tornado-strong water spout. And that's all the white that I saw.

I didn't feel really *affected* the day of the event. I guess there was still adrenaline and wonder and awe. But yesterday..oh goodness. I went garage sale hopping, which is a Friday event for me. But my Friday was interrupted.. And life was normal for everyone! I wanted to tell everyone that I had survived a tornado! Look and hear! This is what it's like. But I stayed quiet and disconnected. Even when I heard mentions of the storm. It's one of those things, you feel like something is lost in the retelling. Some of it's truth. Some of it's reality. You just cannot explain accurately enough for someone to really get it, if they weren't there. Even my own husband.. And it just started making me feel sad and weird. Additionally, I got to thinking about how SUCKY it is that there was absolutely no warning for the base. We live far from the speakers that relay messages from the command post. They also do siren warnings and play revelry and the Star Spangled Banner at different times during the day. So we wouldn't have heard it if there was a warning. Which is angering in itself. But also there just was no warning. I mean.. does my end of the neighborhood not count? I know we're practically off base, but we are within the walls.

To be fair and accurate, this tornado lived affected the area for 10 minutes total. That isn't very long. But we do have weather people who are supposed to be on top of it.

And finally, ranting aside, here is a map of the path of the tornado. Seeing that red line is validating and terrifying.

Lesson Learned: I'm not as strong as I thought. And I do get frazzled in emergencies. All my end of the world books have been only slightly helpful :)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Much needed update

I'm having a girl! And so far, I've had the best time shopping for her :) Bargain shopping too. I am madly in love with kid consignment stores and the lucky few good garage sales. I have found some simply amazing deals.

We went to Louisiana for Christmas, and I got my crawfish fix! 4 times. Though only 2 were BOILED crawfish. John's mom makes a mean crawfish pie, and I also bought some boudin from Don's by the interstate in Lafayette. I got my boiled crawfish from a place in Denham Springs, close to where you turn to go to Central. And I highly recommend it :) But I don't know the name.

So.. names.. hm. I don't know! I would like to keep it a secret for fun. But I'm bad at exciting secrets. And you have to have a winner anyway. Which we don't. My favorite is Magnolia. Not sure how John likes it. But it's probably growing on him as I type this :) John likes Cherie, with the accent. How do you type that? My old middle name, which resides in middle name heaven, is Sherie. And we are leaning and looking for something french-y/louisiana-y/has some history/etc.

We'll see.

Got some almost fancy photo editing software and took pics of my neighbor's kids before Christmas. So fun :) I need to find more subjects.

Life is good. Counting my blessings.