Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Are there any eggs in this chicken?

So.. I'm just sitting around.. waiting to see if I ovulate. I'm not on clomid yet. That's next month. However, I did take some soy isoflavones for 5 days in the beginning of this cycle, which was a provera-induced cycle. I'm on cd 11. We shall see! I was crazy emotional yesterday. Don't know if that's a good sign. What's does it feel like to be reproductively normal? I don't know. I'm looking into every anomaly. Good thing there are places on the internet like babycenter.
So ~I'll be happy to have a baby any time. But.. if I had an April baby, it would complete a sequence of months that involve b-days/anniversaries.

March-John's bday
June-my bday
July-Noah's b-day.

So pray for my ovaries, you see how cool that would be. Maybe especially my left one? It could just be gas.. but I have an anomalaic feeling down there! (pretty sure that's not a real word)

In other news Mom and Dad are coming in town tomorrow! I'm growing more and more excited. I had just been stressed out about getting the house in a "parent approved" state. But ehh.. it'll get done at the last minute. Like always. And it'll be fine. I bought half of the grocery store yesterday. I'm really a fly by the seat of my pants meal planner. Run to the grocery store at 4:30. But 5 stomachs require more planning.

We are going to have a bowling birthday party for Noah. He loves it. I'm awesome. Way better than John. I orded an Ice Age cake. Me and Noah went and saw that movie last week. And gosh darn it I almost cried with the Mammoth had a baby. I got all misty eyed.

ok.. I must..go..clean..my.. house..now..

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