Thursday, January 7, 2010

Much needed update

I'm having a girl! And so far, I've had the best time shopping for her :) Bargain shopping too. I am madly in love with kid consignment stores and the lucky few good garage sales. I have found some simply amazing deals.

We went to Louisiana for Christmas, and I got my crawfish fix! 4 times. Though only 2 were BOILED crawfish. John's mom makes a mean crawfish pie, and I also bought some boudin from Don's by the interstate in Lafayette. I got my boiled crawfish from a place in Denham Springs, close to where you turn to go to Central. And I highly recommend it :) But I don't know the name.

So.. names.. hm. I don't know! I would like to keep it a secret for fun. But I'm bad at exciting secrets. And you have to have a winner anyway. Which we don't. My favorite is Magnolia. Not sure how John likes it. But it's probably growing on him as I type this :) John likes Cherie, with the accent. How do you type that? My old middle name, which resides in middle name heaven, is Sherie. And we are leaning and looking for something french-y/louisiana-y/has some history/etc.

We'll see.

Got some almost fancy photo editing software and took pics of my neighbor's kids before Christmas. So fun :) I need to find more subjects.

Life is good. Counting my blessings.


Life's Little Lessons said...

Yeahhhh! A girl! I am so excited for you Callie! Girls really are so much fun to shop just too much! Avie is 9 months and counting and still has not enough hair for a bow and she pulls off the headbands! Keep us updated! How are you feeling?

Callie said...

Good, I feel good! The pregnancy has been easy--knock on wood. And I do have the best time picking up little girly things here and there :)