Tuesday, February 23, 2010

So I did get sick. And Noah and I are butting heads.

I think this awful cold is finally going away. But grrrr. I hate it. Go away faster!

Noah is 14. No. Not really. But he acts like it. Or maybe he's really acting 4, and I'm 14. Can't tell! But it's not fun. He's acting not independent about things like putting his shoes and socks on. I know he can do it! But some socks are harder ..so I cut him some slack. But he's so stubborn. (guess what, so am i) He literally sat and cried/whined for 30 minutes on the patio. He wanted to walk in the grass, but I was weeding and worried about snakes. So flip flops wouldn't be ok. He had to put his tennis shoes on. So he sits on a chair, puts one sock on upside down and completely gives up. 30 minutes. Then he talks back too. Man. maybe I'm just bothered by that stuff more right now, being sick and pregnant. He's a good kid. But I have those moments when I doubt my parenting because of his attitude and behavior. Then he can be so sweet too!

I sewed a cloth diaper. I haven't tested it with water yet. nervous. :) I want to sew things!! I need a big cool machine. I mean.. less that $150.

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Life's Little Lessons said...

I remember doing the same thing with Jack when I was pregnant with Avie....I really think it's having too much "girl" hormones! I would get so impatient, easily angered on top of a bunch of other things...I was like a ticking time bomb! And, Noah might be going through a stage too, he is probably trying to adjust to all the new things of having a new baby. Hang in there only a few more months to go!