Sunday, January 30, 2011

It's been way too long!

Quick Update. Kassidy is 7 months! Noah can walk our dog and keep a tight grip on the leash. John is a Captain. I'm a photographer. Ah.. rolling rolling along. is up and running. But my laptop isn't! And John's laptop's card reader doesn't work. So my photography is on hold until we get our tax return and iiiiiiiiiMac. SO pumped about this.

I am getting more and more drawn to the world of natural (or even just really educated) birth. I want to teach childbirth classes. I want to be a doula. I want to have another baby.  The thought of being a midwife crossed my mind too. But I think I'll leave that to the 40 year old me. I'm really not there yet. Ask me in 11 years.

I'm so excited that friends of mine are interested in and accomplishing natural birth. I can't explain my new passion for this. I think because it's sort of the underdog in our society. And because it's so good and makes so much sense. Even though I had a wonderful birth with Kassidy, if I get pregnant again, I definitely know what I want to improve upon.

Ooh, I think I want a catering business day. Gosh are there enough years in a life for all the things I want to do?

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