Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I think my husband is allergic to wedding rings..

Well, John just got his THIRD wedding ring today. That's right. number 3. Number one was a wide plain white gold band bought from a kiosk in the mall for about $80. That's the original wedding band.

#1 is now at the bottom of the Banana River, the waterway just out our back door. He was fishing on the dock and got fish goo/slime/slipperiness all over his hands. The ring just slipped right off. So he says ;)

#2 was a cool titanium $40 ring from walmart. We got that before he went away to his 6 weeks of training several months ago. John's been playing in a football league with a couple of games a week for the last 2 months. Well.. of course he takes it off. and loses it. somewhere. where? Nobody knows.

#3, which I purchased today, is also a cool $40 titanium band from walmart. I love those.. I want a new one too! Anyway..and he's flying to Louisiana tomorrow. He's in a friend's wedding in Shreveport this weekend. So I just can't let him travel without "married" plastered on his hand! I dropped off some jambalaya to him today for potluck at his job. I rolled down the window to pass along the dish and said.......but first. John David Gillard, (hand with ring box extends out car window) will you stay married to me? He said yes! It was sweet :) Now my territory is officially marked again..haha.

Of course I'm pleased with my dainty ring. I just sure do like the hip looking ones. Maybe I should go find some fish goo and walk really close to the water.

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