Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sickness stresses me out and gives me cabin fever BAD.

Noah is finally back in school and looking illness free for now. Yayyyy. But I'm wary about bringing him anywhere now.

So to catch up, the second or third week of preschool he got Salmonella...jeez. Of all things. It's one of those things that gets reported to public health. I have no clue where he got it. But of course I feared it was my fault.. but who knows. There is a LOT of bird poo on the doc. From big people sized birds. And salmonella has been found in poo that was 5 years old. Could have been from the millions of lizards and frogs we have around the house. Mostly outside..mostly. So I had to provide a stool sample...which... is gross. He had a fever that never stopped spiking. Tylenol--103--Motrin--103--Tylenol--103...etc. And he said it felt like there was a T-Rex in his tummy. Isn't that the cutest way to describe it? Antibiotics are a mom's best friend in situations like this.
And THEN.. Labor Day weekend he got Croup. Fever again for a few days. This time is was more 101/102. He completely lost his voice. Brought him to the doctor again that week and was really hoping people there didn't think I was one of those psycho moms who gives illnesses to their kids. Isn't that what happened in that movie Unbreakable...oh it was The Sixth Sense. Someone poisoned the child for attention. Anyway, being in the office that many times in 3 weeks wasn't fun. And you can't really treat croup unless you are having trouble breathing at the moment you see the doctor, you just stick your head in the freezer if the coughing is out of control at home or go to the ER if it gets serious. We are still using the cool mist humidifier. But it's gone now! And he is back to school. And I am very relieved. I'm still nervous about the H1N1 flu. I think he probably got croup b/c his immune system was still crappy from the salmonella. But the school is pretty crazy with the hand washing. Parents are required to use hand sanitizer before signing in and out. Pretty cool.

The base is in the middle of a big exercise. practicing anti-terrorism stuff. John has a pretty nifty role to play during these things. He gets to be around the really important people. I'm so darn proud of him!!! Anyway..he got called in on Saturday and Sunday and has been working from 6 to 6 every day this week. So he's beat. And he needs a haircut.

My neighbor across the street does those Passion "Slumber" Parties. And I've never been to a party like that. It was fun! and that's all I've got to say about that..

So, I know last month I was pretty certain that I ovulated using soy isoflavones. But.... I totally did not. And I'm kind of mad at myself for getting so excited about all those prospective symptoms. However, this month I took clomid and have been charting my temperatures on a couple of different programs. I have a clear thermal shift for 5 days ago! And combined with a few other tell-tale signs, I'm very confident. I'm getting a blood test done on Friday to see what my progesterone levels are. Those are only an indication of ovulation, not pregnancy. So I'll just have to wait a weekish after that to take a pregnancy test. I refuse to buy any right now, because I'll surely waste them too early. No self control. If I am pregnant, the due date would be around June 2. June 3 is MY birthday. So that would be cool :)

Tomorrow I'm babysitting my neighbor's little boy. I get a taste of what 2 kids at once is like. I'm kinda nervous!
(September 22~Edited to add : I have GREAT news on my chart!! It's blood test official, but we aren't broadcasting to facebook or anything, not for a couple of months. So if you read this don't put anything on my wall! haha.. I actually took off the blog link a week ago in anticipation of good news. And it is extremely early. So we are being cautiously optimistic. ...but...I should have another mouth to feed in the beginning of June!)


You are my Sunshine! said...

So sorry Noah was sick! I hate that helpless feeling, your child needs you and there is nothing you can do. Its all in God's hands.

And, I have a friend that used to do Slumber Parties. She did one for my bachelorette. She make brownies in a "funny" shape. =)

You are my Sunshine! said...

And I wanted to run a girls name by you. My wedding flower was calla lilies. What do you think if Calla as a girls' name? Jason and I are tossing around some ideas and this one came up.