Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Change is coming round real soon.

Make us women and men.

Alright. Must-start-blogging-again.

So change. Yes change changey change. I'm leaving my sweet sunny warm salty Florida for a while. John is going around the world, courtesy of Uncle Sam. He'll be gone for the rest of the year..missing the new baby's birth.
Soo.. I'm heading to Louisiana to set up a home within a home with my mom and dad. It's a great chance to  spend quality time with them. A great chance to reconnect with old friends..and I'm pretty excited about that.  Did I mention.. crawfish?? yes. yes. crawfish. I guess it makes the sky bluer..grass greener.

I think the biggest challenge for me will be not worrying about John, having faith and trust that he's ok and going to be ok. He's not doing any kind of Rambo job. But when you think "war" you think of all the bad things that come with it.
The next biggest challenge, having a baby without its co-creater. SUCKS. I guess I'll get to cut the cord myself? maybe.

Big sigh. Big tears once in a while.

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Pam said...

Oh my gosh--I had no idea he wasn't going to be here for the birth!!! I am excited that you'll be here, but I ache for you. I know you'll be okay in the long run, but I know it will be tough. Having your parents will be super helpful and so excited to have you, and I'll be so excited to see you and have play dates!

I am SO excited that you are pregnant again!!!! I am ready for another one, but I'm a little scared because I don't know what it's like having two little ones so close together. I'll be excited to hear about how you are doing.