Wednesday, August 17, 2011

This stroller must be too good to be true right?

I'm on a stroller hunt. And this seems like a good one. compact..double..lightweight. Gosh is it true? I just wish it had more of a jogging stroller feel to it. I'd probably be drooling then. But hey.. what can you do. Can't have everything right? I think I might get this. or win it. Or just  drool at it for a few weeks before making up my mind. But I'll have a newborn and an 18 month old. seems like a good option. and it's not TOO expensive. Is this it?......the one....

I also found a cool blog that's doing a giveaway. Giveaway to me please!!  Friends reading: do not enter.. haha.. I repeat. It's mine for the winning!

I told John that I'm hoping to make a few photography bucks to pay for my dream double stroller, whatever that may be. I feel bad using HIS money for something costlier than we would normally buy. I know it's really OUR money. But HE'S working pretty hard for it these days.  So am I. But really.. I'm not the one wearing kevlar.

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